Who will kill Lagertha


Now that Lagertha is Queen of Kattegat she has a huge target on her back. Yes people have wanted her dead before but not like they do now. She has already received a death threat from Ivar, Sigurd it seems has finally come around to wanting her dead, and Ubbe has already tried to kill her twice now. If The Seer is to be believed Lagertha will die at the hand of a son of Ragnar. Now I know a few episodes ago Ragnar had it out with The Seer in a vision where he basically told The Seer that he was full of bullshit and people make their own destinies not the gods. Now this is an argument for another time, but up to this point The Seer has a perfect track record with predictions.

The first and possibly most obvious theory is that Lagertha will be killed by Aslaug’s sons, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Ivar, out of revenge. This is a pretty straight forward theory where they come up with some way to kill her. The trickiest part of this theory being what happens is how they don’t end up killing or being killed by Bjorn. We know that Bjorn will not sit idly by while his brothers kill his mother.  v4ragnarsons-older09282015bw15690jpg-6d9e65_765w

Also in real life there is no account of Bjorn and his brothers feuding for any reason, though this could be due to the fact that in real life he was actually one of Aslaug’s sons. Another reason I don’t think this is a likely outcome is that it seems too straight forward, the writers of the show seem to like big twists and this would be a major misfire.

A second theory is one that I thought of, and maybe some other people have too, but I haven’t read it anywhere. This theory requires a lot of things to happen that I don’t see happening but still plausible. First thing is Lagertha has to go with Ragnar’s sons to England to avenge Ragnar’s death. If she does not then there are less legs to this theory than Ivar (oooh too soon?). The second thing for this theory to work is that Magnus has to actually be Ragnar’s son. Ragnar said he never had sex with Kwenthrith, but I remember there being heavy drinking and a lot of shrooms so who knows. Then the third and final part to this theory is that Magnus would have to kill Lagertha, which seems so outlandish to me that I debated including this theory. It is however in the realm of possibility so it got included.

tumblr_nk295q9e9e1spd9qso2_1280The main reason I think this won’t be the case is because we don’t know if Ragnar had sex with Kwenthrith but we know someone who did, King Ecbert. I think it is much more likely that Magnus is Ecbert’s bastard. This is also why I think Aethelwulf sent him away, not as many Reddit users believe to be kindness of his heart, but rather he saw him as a rival and did away with him without having blood on his hands.

Another theory is one that my dad was telling me about. He said it was the theory that he subscribed to, after reading something similar on another person’s blog. I haven’t read it, but the gist of it is that Bjorn has to mercy kill his own mother. This theory states that Lagertha will go raiding with Bjorn and become grievously injured. Rather than suffer she will ask Bjorn to put her out of her misery. This could actually be a really heart wrenching moment and I can’t really think of a reason why this wouldn’t happen, and I actually the theory. I however hope this doesn’t happen because of my final and favorite theory.

This season a big theme of the show seems to revolve around witches. We hear the word thrown around a lot when talking about Aslaug, who we know had visions, but never heard anything about her being able to “cast spells” on people. We hear this mainly from Lagertha and later from Sigurd. However, I don’t think Aslaug was a witch but rather that Astrid, Lagertha’s new main squeeze, is a witch.


I believe she poisoned Lagertha’s mind into believing that Aslaug was a witch and that is how she stole Ragnar away. This is why I believe she also killed Aslaug and didn’t let her live. I also think that Astrid being a witch explains the scene with her talking to Sigurd and a beaten up Ubbe, after Lagertha becomes queen. It puts actual weight to her threat that the two of them should be scared of her as well as gives some thought to the comment, “one day, I would like to change the way you look” and what she actually meant by it being an ‘interest’ of hers.

At the end of this last episode we see Astrid and Bjorn making out. Now if we take a look back a Bjorn’s record, he doesn’t seem like the type to cheat on the mother of his children, and especially when the other woman is his mother’s woman. Astrid has poisoned Bjorn’s mind to get her end goal, Queen. She will convince Bjorn to kill his Mother and become King, because with Lagertha being Queen there is no room for another queen. If Bjorn were to become King however she would be able to get rid of Torvi and be Bjorn’s Queen. It seems just like the sort of twist that the Vikings writers would have in the show, and if not why all the talk about witches?


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