Wrath and Retribution 

Tonight (or depending on when you read this, episode 9 of season 4b) we should finally see Ragnar’s sons carry out the vengeance Ragnar wanted them to. There should be a lot of action, a lot of death, and a lot of plot points tied up. That is if this episode fits with penultimate plot structure known to be in these types of shows. There are certain things that I hope we get to see tonight which I will discuss in greater detail.

The main thing I find myself wondering is how will Ecbert die, that is if he does… I believe that Ecbert is a bigger coward than he lets on. We saw a bit of this when he talked with his Ecbertseason3.jpgson in this past episode. His son mentioned how he used to be firm in his decisions, yet he no longer is. This could be due to his cowardice and fear of being predictable in his actions. If he succumbs to his cowardice there are “two” ways in which this could end.

The first, scared of what will happen to him if Ragnar’s sons get a hold of him, blood eagle (cough cough), he takes the coward’s way out and kills himself. He would likely use poison, a coward’s weapon, which would really drive the point home. The other is he could run. He could flee before the battle even starts leaving his son abandoned and left to take lead on what will most likely be the final moments of his life, “do you love me?”, well Aethelwulf there’s a pretty strong message. The reason I said, “two” with the quotation marks is that he could be caught while trying to escape, and well blood eagle.  I do also wonder even if he does show cowardice at first, that he will face death by blood eagle more like a viking than as Aelle did.

If he does try to escape however, I believe he will be caught, most likely by Ivar, “he is just a cripple”. This would be full circle to his Aethelwulf’s words that he never should have allowed Ivar to go home. I also believe that first and foremost he has to die. But also, I believe he will have a vision of Athelstan as well as hear or even see Ragnar before he dies. I have nothing to back this up but it would be interesting to say the least.maxresdefault.jpg

Another thing I’d like to see is some development of Alfred.  let’s find out what this kid is really made of. If this episode goes where I think it’s going, Alfred is the new King. Not of Wessex, but of England. Aelle is dead his next male heir is Alfred. Ecbert and Aethelwulf are as good as dead. Leaving Alfred as the adopted heir to all of England. Which leads me to Magnus who I believe is actually Ecbert’s son. This means that Magnus has more royal blood than Alfred does, having only one royal parent in Judith. Do I sense another “Battle of the Bastards”?wp-1485385626106.jpg

Speaking of bastards I would like to see more of Egil. You remember him, he’s the guy with the jacked up face who wants to be Earl of Kattegat under the rule of King Harald. We haven’t seen much of him since his introduction, but he seems like a crafty little s.o.b. With more of a storyline than just failing to kill Lagertha. Unless he’s the character who will awaken the wrath of Astrid, The Wicked Witch of the Norsemen. Then he’s already as dead as Aelle.historys-vikings-season-4-part-2-episode-17-the-great-army-egil-in-kattegat-resize-670x346

This brings me to my final hope, which is Lagertha confronting Astrid about her little affair with Bjorn. She knows about it now and she seemed pretty pissed. I’m guessing she will get Torvi, you know Bjorn’s wife, involved and it will become this whole big thing.maxresdefault (1).jpg The reason we may not see this in this episode is if it is going to become a plot point going into season 5. In which case we will have to wait until next week. I just want everyone to know what I know, that Astrid is a huge witch.